General terms and Conditions

unless agreed via written communication the below terms will apply to all work undertaken.


Thank you for placing an order with Process Media.  By placing an order you are agreeing to the below terms and conditions and instructing us to proceed ahead with the work outlined in your contract supplied or email quote.  Unless otherwise agreed this agreement will last for the period of 1 year for retainer & maintenance packages packages, or until the ordered work is complete. Please note these terms are here to refer to at any time. you may not have placed an order for work via our website, an order could have been placed via email, verbally or any other means of communication and these terms will also apply .

Web Design

Your website will be designed by our team of professional and talented designers. All criteria requested by the customer will be implemented where appropriate.

The cost of a website is calculated at £45 per hour, and number of hours will be calculated by the number of pages required, outlined in your contract/quote/meeting. If you request further work to be carried out, not discussed before your quote was supplied, additional costs may occur at the hourly rate of £45.  These additional costs will be made clear and agreed upon before the work is carried out. All purchases made on behalf of the client are chargeable to the customer. These include but are not limited to, domain names, SSL certificates, plugins, etc.
The client is obligated to pay a 50% deposit for their website and the remaining 50% to be paid upon completion.

We also offer maintenance packages following completion of your website which will be discussed with you. These maintenance packages are optional but are recommended. All maintenance packages are subject to a minimum 12 months contract. Cancellation of any service will will conform to a minimum 30 day notice period and the full amount of any remaining months due will be billed upon notice of cancellation unless otherwise agreed.

For larger projects we offer retainer packages. Prices to be agreed with the customer and are subject to a minimum 12 months contract.
It is up to the client to provide Process Media with text and images for the website. It is up to the client to ensure the text is exactly how they want it to be worded and that it has been proof read.  It is the clients responsibility to make sure that all content submitted by the client is subject to copyright law and that they have the right to use it.

We will request the client fills in a brief survey which will give Process Media a design criteria the client desires for the website or discuss requirements in a meeting or any form of communication deemed approriate. During the website build Process Media may require additional text, images etc to what was originally provided by the client. This may be to cover any information that may seem unclear, or to improve the overall design and look of the site. In this case we will contact the client and request the additional items be sent to us asap.
The website retainer or maintenance package you select cannot be reduced for 12 months but can be increased if required. Process Media will contact you when your website is approximately 90% complete, this is a chance for you to inspect the website and provide feedback.  You may request minor changes to be made at this point, but as the website will be designed based on the criteria you provided, large changes may not be agreed upon by Process Media or may require additional charges. If you decide you no longer require a website at this point you will be charged 90% of the value of the work minus any money already paid.  If you allow us to continue working on your website after this date then we will charge you the full website cost.
After receiving your deposit, completed brief via survey/ email correspondence and the required text and imagery, we will try to get your website complete within the agreed time period.  Failure or delay to provide us with the necessary text or imagery and response to emails may delay the website completion.  Process Media promise to follow your requested requirements expressed in the brief survey/ emails.  If there are any issues or problems with the clients criteria, this will be discussed between the client and one of our designers until there is a mutual understanding of the matter.
Process Media will do changes to your website when requested by the client if under a maintenance agreement or has been outlined in your contract only. Any additional work not outlined in your contact will be charged at our hourly rate of £45.
Process Media works under a fair usage policy. All prices will be discussed with you before the project begins and all projects are calculated based on expected hours work required at our hourly rate. Process Media has the right to charge the client for additional hours worked for requests made by the client if we feel the work you requested from us exceeds what we feel as fair usage or if you have no agreement in place.


All websites will be launched when Process Media feels it is at a suitable stage of completion. However we reserve the right to not launch a website/ take a website down if any late or none payments occur.
There are two ways to pay:
– Individual Projects.  We request a deposit of 50% of the full cost to be paid before any work is carried out. The remaining 50% must be paid on or before completion, unless stated otherwise in your contract. If the project involves more work than originally discussed, Process Media has the right to add these additional costs to your final bill.
– Retainer Packages.  For larger projects we offer retainer packages where we will work on a website or any aspect of your marketing or IT, for an agreed monthly price (minimum of £1000/month) for a minimum of 12 months. The number of hours included and costs will be discussed with the client and agreed upon before the retainer package contract commences.

Retainer agreements will commence with immediate affect following signed contracts from the client and will repeat on the same (or close to) date for a further 11+ months following. We recommend using direct debit but we do accept other forms of payment, providing we are paid on time.
Failure to pay your bills will result in your website being removed from the web, work immediately stopped and any moneys outstanding will be assigned to a debt collector.

Please let us know asap if you no longer require a website and the work will stop. The partially completed website will remain the property of Process Media. In this case, where the amount of work done exceeds the deposit amount paid you will be charged accordingly unto the full value of the initial works.
If you pay your deposit and you then decide you do not want a website from Proces Media, the deposit will not be refunded as per the nature of a deposit.
If you cancel for no valid reason we reserve the right to charge you the full amount of your invoice.
All design and content created will remain property of Process Media until payment is made in full.
Process Media will invoice you for the remaining balance of your website upon completion, however if work has to be paused for a total of 30 days or more due to a lack of content from the client or other reasons out of our control, Process Media reserves the right to request the remaining balance after 3o days of work being paused.


Maintenance packages will be discussed and agreed upon by both the client and Process Media prior to your first monthly installment. This monthly charge will be based on the size of your website and other requirements of the clients and therefore reflects a realistic average amount of work that would be required to carry out these services.
For retainer packages and maintenance, it is up to the client whether all of the work hours available in that package are used. We will always where possible work on your project for the hours agreed, however Process Media will not be held accountable if work has to be paused due to a lack of requested images, text, information or anything outstanding from the client. In this case you will continue to be charged to our initial agreement. Discounts or partial refunds will not be given for work not carried out if you no longer have need or want for them. If a requested job is not within our skill set, we will always where possible try to implement the request but we have the right to refuse if we are unable to perform the required tasks this can not be used as a reason to cancel and will be communicated to you as to why we can not complete the task.
After 12 months you also have the option to take your website (which would be fully paid for) and find hosting and maintenance elsewhere. If you choose to do this Process Media reserves the right to charge the client an admin fee for the relocation of your website. This will be calculated based upon the time required to carry out the task at our £45 hourly rate. Once your website is removed from our servers we will have no control or responsibility over the website, it’s content, the hosting or maintenance of your website.
If following completion of your website, you request changes to your website, these will be charged at our hourly rate of £45. If you have taken out a maintenance package we may be able to use the hours outlined in your agreement to complete or partially complete the new changes requested without incurring further costs.
We reserve the right to refuse to handle any media or content that is unlawful, or we deem as inappropriate or offensive.
Process Media offers SEO and online marketing, which may be included in your maintenance/ retainer package or charged separately. This is to try and promote your website online and to try and make it as easy as possible for potential customers to find. Process Media is not responsible for the success of your business and even though we will work hard to promote your website, we can not guarantee the success of your business either as a direct result of the website success or not.
Process Media will not be liable for any costs incurred or loss of earnings due to failure to meet deadlines or the work carried out.
Additional terms maybe set out in your contract or agreed via verbal / electronic communication.



you do have the right to cancel at any point. please note all services are under a minimum 12 month agreement unless otherwise agreed and the remainder of any outstanding months will be billed upon notice of intent to cancel. our minimum term of notice to cancel is 30 days. If your maintenance  /  retainer payment schedule is less than 30 days until the next payment is due this will be charged in full at your normal rate and not pro rata.

Process Media has the right to cancel service agreements and will offer 30 days notice on all occurrences. this includes hosting /  emails /  maintenance and retainers.

Terms & Conditions
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Accepting these terms is not mandatory you may have instructed us to commence work via other forms of electronic / verbal communications and you will have had key points discussed contained within these terms.